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02250105-553 Air repair kit

02250105-553 Air repair kit

Air compressor parts are mainly some conventional vulnerable parts.
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Product Description:
Durable parts include cylinder block, cylinder head, seals, brakes, oil pumps, safety valves, etc., while screw air compressors are different from piston air compressors. Screw air compressors work differently from piston air compressors. The design is different. The screw machine air compressor has the oil filter element, the air filter element, the solenoid valve, the engine oil, etc., and the screw of the screw machine air compressor is not easy to be damaged, and the service life is relatively long.
Accessories Classification :
1. Sensor: Temperature sensor, pressure sensor.
2. Controller: computer board, relay board, plc controller, controller, control panel, operation box.
3. Valve: solenoid valve, rotary valve, pneumatic valve, bleed valve, temperature control valve, thermal control valve, temperature control valve spool, proportional valve tolerance valve, pressure maintenance valve, intake valve, safety valve, regulating valve , expansion valve, expansion valve, check valve, shuttle valve, line filter, automatic drain valve, water filter cup, pressure reducing valve, pressure regulator.
4. Filter and oil: air filter, oil filter, oil fine, lubricating oil, pipeline filter, automatic drain valve, water filter cup.
5. Host -: main unit (head), bearing, shaft seal oil seal, bushing, gear, gear shaft, overhaul.
6. Maintenance package: main engine, unloading valve maintenance kit, pressure maintenance valve, rotary valve, temperature control valve spool, intake valve, coupling elastomer and other maintenance kits.
7. Cooling: fan, radiator, heat exchanger, oil cooler, rear cooler.
8. Switch: pressure switch, temperature switch, emergency stop switch, differential pressure switch.
9. Transmission: coupling, elastomer, plum pad, elastic block, gear, gear shaft.
10. Hose: intake hose, high pressure hose.
11. Starter disk: contactor, thermal protection, reverse phase protector, line row, relay, transformer, etc.
12. Buffers: cushions, expansion joints, expansion valves, elastomers, plum pads, elastic blocks.
13. Meter: timer, temperature switch, temperature display, pressure gauge, decompression table.
14. Motor: permanent magnet motor, variable frequency motor, motor, motor.