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Filter Element DDP425

Filter Element DDP425

DD/DDP : 1 Micron filtration rating ,1 ppm oil content
PD : 0.01 Micron filtration rating ,0.01 ppm oil content
QD : 0.01Micron filtration rating ,0.003 ppm oil content
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Product Description
Filter is generally used in oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and other filtration industry. Remove amount of impurities in the filter medium, it can protect the normal work of the equipment or air clean. When the fluid through the filter that has a certain accuracy, the impurities are blocked, and clean fluid through the filter out.
Features Advantages :
1.precision filter permeability.
 Filter using the United States strong hydrophobic oil-thin fibrous filter, and use good permeability and high strength of the skeleton, reducing the resistance caused by crossing.

 2, precision filter efficiency.
 Filter with a German fine-hole sponge, can effectively prevent high-speed air entrainment of oil and water to go down the small oil droplets gathered to the bottom of the filter sponge, and row to the bottom of the filter container.

 3. precision filter airtight.
The combination of filter and filter shell with a reliable seal ring to ensure that air is not short-circuit, to prevent impurities without going through the filter directly into the downstream.

 4. precision filter corrosion.
The filter is made of corrosion-resistant reinforced nylon end caps and anti-corrosive filter cartridges for use in harsh conditions.