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Hydraulic Oil Purifier filter tips

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Hydraulic oil oil filter cartridge work, oil pollution in the ambient atmosphere into the vacuum suction effect through the inlet into the heater, heating oil into the prefilter, large particulate impurities are filtered out, and then into the oil trap vacuum separator, flows through a special dispersal device. The diverging means the unit volume of oil produced huge surface area, so that the oil pollution is exposed to low relative humidity in a vacuum, thereby removing water in the oil, air and gas. The evaporation of water vapor, a mixed gas of a gas tank formed by a cooler and condensed into a liquid, into the reservoir together with the remaining gas is vacuum drawn. Removing water by the oil discharge pump input filter to remove fine particulate impurities, that is, oil purification, a purification process to complete, depending on how much water content, the number of cycles required to completely remove moisture.

Hydraulic Oil Purifier range is very wide, suitable for all kinds of lubricating oil, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, machinery manufacturing, railway and other industries purification regeneration treatment, with significant economic benefits.

After using the machine over a period of time will be oil changes, even though the new oil and the used oil should be of the same grade in the same size, but the first oil change, the old oil should be fully discharged and rinse of the valve, hydraulic cylinders, etc. do not put and rinse out the place, because the new oil used oil mixed with the sound quality hydraulic oil will, in addition, factors that affect the quality of hydraulic oil are:

1, the air. If the hydraulic circuit contains gas, when the bubble will overflow wall and the formation of cavitation elements have an impact, so that the system does not work, a little longer it will cause damage to components.

2, oxidation. General engineering machinery hydraulic oil operating temperature of 30-80 ℃, the life of the hydraulic oil temperature is closely related to their work, experience tells us that when the working oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃ after each additional 8 ℃, oil life will be halved , i.e. 90 ℃ oil life is about 10% 60 ℃ oil, because the oil is oxidized.

3, water. Oil water content amount of water in accordance with the technical standards GB GB / T1118.1-94 the trial, the quality indicators should be no more than traces of oil in the water if exceeded, it must be replaced; otherwise, not only will damage the bearings, but also to rusty steel surface, thereby enabling the hydraulic oil emulsion, deterioration and generate precipitate hinder cooler thermal conductivity, affect the valve, reducing the filter has a valid work area, increasing the abrasive action of the oil. So be sure to choose a good hydraulic oil.

4, physical and chemical reactions. Tank paragraph clean paint, etc., will lead to changes in the oil and chemical properties.

5, impurity. Impurities can not only wear various moving parts, and once stuck in the spool or in other sports deputy, will affect the normal operation of the whole system, cause the machine to malfunction.

In addition, hydraulic oil purifier oil should also note the following matters:

1, in the washing machine on or not, should cover the tank to prevent moisture in the air into the

2, hydraulic oil filter regularly. So that foreign particles in oil is controlled within a predetermined range.

3, check the oil level before starting, check the oil is in the correct open in a standby state.

4, the machine idle for about 5min, check the oil level gauge whether a bubble exists, in order to allow the machine to the job if a new car or new for hydraulic oil, oil standard idle bubbles appear normal, and so after the bubble disappears.

5, the hydraulic system should be noted that the various parameter values are normal, and pay attention to the external characteristics of the system - sound. If the air intake system, such as poor water or oil, will issue abnormal sound. Fluctuations while reading the meter displayed value is not normal, and you should promptly shut down the investigation.

6, pay close attention to the temperature of the oil. When the machine is working for some time, if the oil temperature is high it is best to stop to rest until the oil temperature back to normal after the work to extend the life of the system with the oil.